All You Should Know About Platform Independence

Yes, Let us think in this way! In real world of multiobjective optimization where problem complexity is indeed high, systems are therefore to a great extent reliant on distributed computation in order to reduce the processing time.  A high degree of commonality between the communicating processes is thus indeed necessary, while demanding homogeneity in regard to platform environment and implementation language!

Language platform independence is therefore the need of the hour or else it restricts the applicability of distributed optimizers. Quite ideally therefore the language platform independence is certainly important to define a standard independent language, to be used for the transmission and storage of agent data in heterogeneous operating systems.  The applications therefore to cater to various operating systems should have platform independence not only to suit the varied requirement of the era but also to ensure profit as the catch line remains, who is going to purchase an application with limited platform independence!

Java, the old player in introducing applications with platform independence initiated a new era while others to follow their footsteps in neutral applications to suit every requirement. Today, .NET, C++ along with JAVA promises a better communication whilst supporting almost every operating system, making communication a lot simpler and effective.

It is effective because you can install Java based application on any operating system (Linux or Windows) and in almost any web server. However if you are not even building websites then also the language platform independent applications would run on varied OS.

This happens because the platform independent applications carry with them all needed functions, which are independent of the platform, they work on. Hence it is certainly not an overstatement to say a neutral platform is the last word in effective communication.

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