Month: August 2009

All You Should Know About Platform Independence

Yes, Let us think in this way! In real world of multiobjective optimization where problem complexity is indeed high, systems...
August 5, 2009

Internet marketing, one step ahead of traditional marketing

Internet marketing is the new wave of advanced marketing strategy. The concept refers to  i-marketing, online marketing, web marketing, or...
August 1, 2009

Mobile application development, tools to grow with technology

Can you possibly dream of living in a world without mobile applications? Majority answers would be “no”. In the fast...
August 1, 2009

IAsyncResult and IcallbackEventHandler in dealing long running process

Lets face it! Whether you use Ajax or you don’t in case of a long running process the browser often...
August 1, 2009

Model View Controller pattern, solution to the coding horror

Model View Controller or MVC, the classic architectural pattern is typically used in software application to successfully isolate the business...
August 1, 2009



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