30 June 2020 End Of Magento 1.x – Why You Must Migrate To Magento 2.x

Migrate To Magento 2

Do you have a Magento 1.x store to power your online business? With the support for the same going to end on 30 June 2020, are you in a dilemma? Your store will no longer receive software support, including fixes and security patches. The majority of payment processing companies are already advising merchants having Magento 1.x stores to migrate quickly. So, is the migration necessary only for improved security? Let’s have a look at 10 compelling reasons to migrate your Magento 1.x store to Magento 2.x.

1. Faster Load Time

The built-in full page cache of Magento 2.x enables your store visitors to view your home page, product pages, and category pages at lightning speed. Sometimes, even in less than 1.5 seconds!

2. Powerful and Scalable

Magento 2 is powerful to execute a high volume of order processing simultaneously. In fact, in comparison to Magento 1.x, it can process 39% more orders in each hour.

3. Mobile-friendly

Magento 2.x comes with a lot of responsive themes. It also has a touch-screen friendly admin panel to make shopping a breezy experience.

4. SEO-friendly

It helps you to have SEO friendly URL structures and a range of other attractive features that will help you to have better search engine rankings over the web.

5. Improved Security

With multiple levels of customizable security permissions, Magento 2.x gives you an extra shield of defense. It offers SHA-256 hashing algorithms, unique admin URL, dynamic backup plan, and much more to prevent any security breach.

6. Easily Generate Price Offers

It enables an easy generation of price offers based on the browsing history of the customer, which helps in creating attractive offers.

7. Intelligent Search Option

It allows merchants to easily customize each search term. It has a search auto-complete feature, advanced search option, and much more!

8. Seamless Marketplace Integration

Enjoy seamless marketplace integration and reach a wider audience. Integration of your Magento store with Amazon or eBay will help you to create an omnichannel experience.

9. Customer Persuasion

You can add promotions to your checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment. You can also add rich media like videos for better customer persuasion.

10. Easier Installations and Upgrades

It is easy to install patches and do the upgrades. So, you can always enjoy the latest product features and functionalities with Magento 2.x.

Countless online store owners are embracing Magento 2 to prevent their store from the risk of getting hacked and theft of customer payment details. So, get in touch with certified Magento developers and migrate your store before it becomes too late.



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