7 Basics of a Good Web Design

A good web design is made up of 7 basic premises. If you understand them you will be able to design pages attracting targetted audience.

Companies of all kinds—be it small, medium or big believe that it’s beneficial to have the presence of their business over the Internet. This means it becomes important to develop a website for any kind of business. A website always interests people and makes people curious to know more about the company. However, there are some people who have a misconception that developing a website is just more than enough for earning profits in business. A good web design is equally important. It helps to increase the online visibility of a company and enhances the business growth.

There are seven factors that determine a good web design.

  1. The colors and shapes that are used in a website determine the type of impression which the company will leave on the visitors. A website can drive in number of visitors when the site is properly designed and colored. Upon viewing, if people find that the website do not hold their interest, they may simply leave viewing it and skip onto another one.
  2. A good company logo and branding material can create a great effect on people. A brand and well designed company logo adds aesthetic value to the site and always determines a good web design.
  3. It’s important to consider the aspect of spacing. There are 3 spacing aspects, which are considered essential—line spacing that determines the readability of text, padding which represents the space that exists in between the elements and text and white spacing, which gives the website design a clear and elegant look and creates a good page contrast and balance.
  4. Something worst which might happen to you while navigating the site is not to know where exactly to move the mouse to. A good web design by a professional web design company will enable you to know where exactly to move and to figure out where you’re every moment.
  5. Text is a part of web design and thus lots of attention needs to be given to it. Few things that you need to take care of are font, font sizes, line length and color.
  6. Visitors prefer sites that are informative and consist images. So goodweb designers always pays attention to this.
  7. A good web design is striking. It provides a good content and loads quickly.

The intention of any reputable website designing firm is to create an easily accessible, pleasing and navigable site that attracts the interest of the target audience. Creating a good web design is not quite a difficult affair if you have a right web designer working for your website. The website designer must be able to display a good graphic design and create an instinctive website navigation keeping the user in mind. This can be attained by developing a good site structure, logical website layout and an internal linking strategy.

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