Custom Application Development: The New Formula For Success

The world of Information Technology is growing at a pace where it is become virtually impossible for any one person to keep a track of all the platforms that are being released or all the different types of applications that are being developed. In this climate it is not sufficient for you to get just any generic solution, it is important that the company you’re working with provide you software solutions that are customized to suit the needs of your business processes. Custom application development is a term that is thrown around in the IT outsourcing industry without any particular regard to the nature of services it is being tagged with. It is extremely important that you understand the nature of the services that you’re receiving. Of course, any application development work that you outsource to offshore companies is technically custom, but because these companies work on a number of different similar projects at the same time it is common for companies to make their deliveries based on off the shelf solutions.

The onus is on you to understand the exact nature of the services that are being delivered to you. A company that provides custom application development services usually interacts with the client at length to understand the exact nature of their requirements. Any custom application development service usually includes the following steps in their process:

  • Detailed and exhaustive analysis of the requirements of the business
  • Defining scope of project, drawing up effort estimates, deciding to technology, and a delivery plan
  • Designing specs like product architecture, application flow, database schema, and UI
  • Programming
  • Quality analysis– functional tests, usability tests, security tests, performance and cross platform performance tests, etc.
  • Delivery and client support, including the provisioning of training and other support materials
  • Maintenance Services

It is extremely important that channels of communications are constantly open between client and the custom application development company. From planning to design, development, and finally to commission and subsequent support and maintenance it is important that each feature is keenly discussed with the customer to ensure that solutions adequately address the concerns of the customer.

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