Deployment Considerations For a Project

Have you just thought of, formulated and created a project? Then you must be surely looking to deploy your project and do it big! Well, deployment of a project is not easy. There are considerations to be made and patience to be maintained from the beginning till the end.

Deployment is not just all about the final application of your project onto the server and making it live but it also considers erecting your project so as to enable it to work in different environments before hosting it on the production environment or making it accessible as a download or a package file. The various deployment considerations for a project can be enlisted below:

1.    Development Phase – Here the development team is responsible to start working on code construction by creating a development environment. The development environment will comprise computer systems along with the essential hardware configurations and software – a development IDE (like VS.Net), the Operating System, designing tools, SDKs, and any other apps associated with the project.

2.    Testing environment – Here you are required to go through various testing procedures on the application amid an environment that necessarily and intimately resembles the production environment. Here your project will be rigorously scrutinized, functionalities and performance alike.

Make sure that development environment tools, additional software and needless applications that are not likely to operate on the production environment are strictly not installed here.

3.    Staging environment – This is the stage where you can finishing touch tests on everything possible and also examine it hard to make little last-minute changes, if necessary.

4.    Production environment – Making last-minute alterations at this stage is a strict no-no. It will be sensible to have appointed a dedicated administrator to efficiently handle anything and everything associated with the particular application deployed. The actual performance and efficiency of your project run in real time is manifest over here.

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