Editing, the masterstroke to make your content jazzy

“No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft”

You might have written the piece perfectly with punctuation in its place following a sound grammar rule.  You might have ran the spell checker quite a number of times to correct the misspelled words; you have also read the piece a number of times from the beginning to the end yet you feel something is missing somewhere!

Well, it is when content editing is required. Most of the writers know how to edit grammar, how to make use of the correct punctuation, but editing content is all these and even much more!

Content editing is not all about pointing out the mistakes but is that must element to make your content a flaw proof piece. Editing is that masterstroke which adds a signature touch to your content.

On the most fundamental level content editing supports you in streamlining your content while removing excess words and ideas. Editing is like carving a marble statue; where your story starts as a war block of marble and with each chisel you not only take contour your story but make it exactly like what you truly want it to be.

Another significant value of editing is in reducing writers block. One of the chief causes of writers block is the belief that what you write in your first draft has to be good. This incorrect belief will vanish as you make yourself comfortable with the idea that you will be editing your first draft later. So there is no need to make your first draft perfect instead jot it down on the page and edit it later. This will free you’re your thought, hence will help to shut your internal censor off, which is indeed the biggest enemies of writing good.

Editing keeps you to the message, whilst illustrating your thought in a simple and catchy way. Editing nicely chops off the unwanted element of your write up. Seldom you will find how effectively large sections of a story can be chopped off without actually affecting the quality of the write up. It may look beautiful but a neatly painted zebra wouldn’t add any extra dimension to the painting of the sunflower and the same is true for the extra part of your story. Editor with his master tool shapes the write up while ideally chopping off the unwanted.

Editing is the key factor, which contours the structure of your content while enhancing the clarity of the write up. There are many other questions that can be taken care through a thorough editing.

Content editing supports you in deciding, if anything is missing.

•    Have the needs of the audience been kept in mind in the article?
•    Is the title justifying the article?
•    Have the ideas been adequately developed in the write up?
•    Are all paragraphs unified and coherent in the article?
•    Is there an underlying logical order evident in the placement of each paragraph?
•    Do the paragraphs flow smoothly from one to the other?
•    Does each paragraph serve a logical purpose?
•    Could any of the sentences be written more concisely without losing meaning?
•    Are the sentences clear and complete?
•    Is the piece of writing fair to the subject and to the reader?

It is through a thorough content editing you will be able to decide whether

•    If there are any gaps or lapse in the provided information?
•    Have there been any further developments in regard to the featured story, which can be added to the content?
•    What more could be added to offer a signature touch to the content?

Content editing is fun and simple and all is needed is an eye for detail to make your content a hallmark of creativity and originality.

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