Education Software for Professional Training Companies – Exam Curve

Knowing the present educational requirement in the e-learning industry, Karmick Solutions Pvt.Ltd has come up with its unique software called Exam Curve for all the learners. You must know that the use of software and hardware in training and education sectors dates back to the early 1940s. The motive behind developing such software is to control the impact of environmental damage and also provide alternative ways of exams and assessments.

We are really thankful to the internet and our skilled professionals for helping us create software with various multimedia applications. Exam Curve happens to be a Test Management Software that both creates and conducts computer based online assessment. Known as user friendly and powerful exam initiator educational software, our product is widely available in the academic market at reasonable prices.

Read below the most important features for which our Educational software will be known in the market.

  • It is entirely web based and you do not require installing on any machines.
  • Keeping in mind the present examination pattern and of course the want of today’s student, our software keeps developing automatically.
  • The software has the capability to have room for any quantity of exam papers
  • Quick and speedy customization available as per the users’ requirement
  • It has a simple paper assessment system for the admin

Now, if you want to learn about the software in details you have to get in touch with us directly. You will find our address details at our contact us page.  You can send us all your queries related to the software usage at . Ask for the customization in order to fit your professional needs and requirements. As there will be an event at INDIASOFT and we will be participating there, you too can join us there to get a vivid description and demo of our software “Exam Curve”.

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