No, the game was definitely not the end of the program schedule. At the end of the game everybody was quite hungry. Moreover, may be because they knew that a sumptuous treat was waiting for them. It was a grand lunch which was thoroughly enjoyed by every member of the Karmick family. Are you curious to know what tickled our taste buds? The food repertoire included fresh salads, fried rice, chicken chaap, alur dum, paneer followed by desserts like ice cream and gulab jamun. It was an absolute Indian delight that was arranged by the event organizing committee of Karmick. During the lunch the entire Karmick family came together and shared some light moments together.

Tummies were full and everybody was feeling relaxed and satiated. A quiz show was then hosted by one of our able anchors. It was quite interesting as it reminded us of our childhood days when we used to watch ‘BQC’ hosted by Derek’ O’Brien. Each correct answer was rewarded and so hands went up with great enthusiasm with every question being thrown at the audience.

Next came up the highlight of the event which was the dance performance by our deadly duo of Karmick. Our two friends rocked the dance floor. They were absolutely stunning as they gyrated to a very popular Hindi number. Their performance was absolutely ‘hatke’ and everybody enjoyed it to the hilt. After watching this wonderful performance everybody was praising our talented dancers of Karmick. Following the dance program prizes were handed out to the best performers of the day.

Wait, this was not the end of the program! At the end of the day people made an amateur attempt at playing the dandiya. The Karmickites set the dance floor aflame with their mind-blowing moves. Music was blaring and finally the entire program ended in a tumultuous crescendo with people jiving to popular hindi dance numbers. We thank our entire team of Karmick and also our CEO for letting us make this event a memorable one. With this we come to an end promising ourselves for another wonderful program for the upcoming year.

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