Google Applications Shed The Beta Label – After 5 Years!

Yes Its True! The Beta days are no more for some of the most popular applications of Google. It took Google, long five years to rip off the Beta tag!

Like other software products, goggle’s Gmail and other application services were on the rampage with a “Beta” tag on it.  For any software products, ‘beta’ label signifies the fact that the product is in a testing phase; therefore any glitches are to be condoned and justified. However, this beta tag on software product typically comes with duration of few weeks or at the most, one month, but for Google it took five years to rip off the beta tag from its products. Indeed a history in software industry!

Now as the beta days are over at google the popular google applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Gtalk can no more be sandwiched between the “alpha” version and the ‘released’ version and are now matured editions, where glitches are not to be excused anymore!

The whole world had their eyes focused on google as it announced, that all its popular applications are now fully baked thus are now ‘released’. Yet question tickles will it mean anything to the millions of Gmail users? The answer would be perhaps a resounding “No”. The change from beta label to the released ones means a precious little to its dedicated users, but certainly means a lot of business for google.

The recent shedding off the beta label will support google in getting the paid version of its application services to be adopted by the corporate giants. As the corporate technology inclines to shy away from the beta products, this matured step of google is sure to lure more business out of IBM or Microsoft’s clutches.

It appears that the step google has taken is largely to drive the enterprise business to use google applications services. However, for those who are really concerned of the facts that will this be the end of beta features, well, for them google assured that they have “much more in store”….

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