FUN TIME AT KARMICK – Music, Masti and Magic

13th October 2012 was the day when all the Karmickites came together to celebrate the Annual function of the company. Kudos to the organizing committee who took the initiative to put up an enjoyable program at ‘Vinayak’. With just a week’s time in hand our friends gave it their best shot in organizing the entire event. The most challenging part of any program is ‘planning’ and ‘execution’. This requires patience, team support and dedication. We had to take out time from our busy schedules in order to gear up ourselves for the big day. It was our 13th annual function and the event was hosted by our two dear friends who did a splendid job in captivating the audience. With the support of our CEO, Mr Sourav Roy and all our colleagues we managed to make the event a grand one.

The program started with a small speech about our company by our anchors. The celebration was commenced with a traditional Rabindra sangeet by one of our talented Karmickite. The sweet sound of her voice resonated in the entire banquet hall. The audience was left absolutely mesmerized by her performance. This was followed by a few Bengali and Hindi numbers sung by our enthusiastic friend who has recently joined the Karmick family.

As our participants got ready for the next item on the agenda an integral member of the Karmick family entertained us with his very own jokes. This added a ‘fun’ element to the entire program which made our audience roll with laughter. Yes, it was while organizing our event we found out many hidden talents in our company. These were the people who helped in making the event a grand success.

Next came up the most awaited event of the day which was none other than the Fashion Show. The choreographers worked hard to train the participants of the show. It is not an easy task to walk the ramp with confidence and poise especially when you are doing it for the first time. But, our friends showed that they have what it takes to make a performance absolutely rocking. The performers strutted on the ramp with grace and confidence that made them look like professional models.

The next segment of the program commenced after a short comic relief by our friend. It was a drama staged by a group of our friends. The drama was written by our very own member of Karmick. It was a short drama that revolved around a college principal and his students. It was extremely hilarious and our audience enjoyed every moment of it. The amateur artists of Karmick who were part of this drama performed extremely well. The drama team arrested our attention throughout their entire performance. Once the drama came to an end our friends went into a lighthearted mood and played the ‘passing the parcel’ with great enthusiasm. It was great fun for everyone as they whole-heartedly enjoyed the game.

Stay tuned for more….if you want to know what happened on that day..

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