How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

Technologies that were previously unheard of are being actively implemented into business in the 21st century we live in. One such cutting edge technology that has gained immense popularity in these last couple of years is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is rapidly being used by more and more businesses with each passing day.

Artificial intelligence refers to a set of technologies used in harmony with one another that allows machines to augment human behaviour barring things such as consciousness and emotionality. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s really not. We use it on a daily basis in the form of Google Assistant on Android smartphones and Siri on iPhone. Even Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are all examples of Artificial Intelligence.

Now, let us take a look at the bigger picture and see how Artificial Intelligence can prove to be crucial for your business.

Saving Up On Additional Employee Expenses

When any organisation hires a fresher, they need to spend considerable time and money for their training period. In addition to this, employers also have to provide their employees with a bunch of welfare benefits such as health insurance, accomodation, sick leave, paid vacation and so on. More often than not, the results obtained even after these investments are not at par. If we could use AI to do some of the employee’s work, then the need for hiring employees would reduce. The amount thereby saved can be used by the company for other productive purposes.

AI Does Not Waste Any Time

A study conducted by AtTask and Harris Interactive shows that employees in the US spend only 45% of their working hours fulfilling their primary duties. This means that more than 50% of their time is spent on things which are of no use to the business. If we program machines using AI to automate routine tasks then no time would be wasted and the work can be done using the prescribed guidelines.

Communicating With Customers Using Chatbots

Have you ever visited a website and found a pop up on the bottom right with something like “Hi! How can I help you?” If yes, then you have encountered a chatbot. They are basically like sales representatives who are active 24/7 on your website. They are extremely helpful as they can assist you and answer your queries in real time. More so for small businesses who do not have a dedicated sales team yet. But even big businesses these days use a chatbot on their website.

Ease Of Hiring New Employees

As a business, you will often see that whenever you invite applications for a new position you will get hundreds of unqualified and irrelevant applicants. If the HR department were to screen all the applications physically then it would take days. This is where AI comes in. It can be used to screen each and every applicant and provide you with shortlisted candidates who are most suitable for the job and match the required criteria. This will not only save the time of your HR department but also help you to hire the best from the lot.

Keep A Close Eye On Competitors

AI based tools such as Crayon for example can track each and every digital channel of your competitors. Whatever happens on their websites and social media will be communicated to you in concise reports so that you can respond to it as fast as possible. Anything and everything that your competitors do in the digital world will be available to you on your fingertips. It is a great tool for businesses who are in a highly competitive industry.

Improving Marketing & Sales

AI-infused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are designed in such a manner that they can gather customer data across various communication channels such as email and social media. This customer data can be analyzed using AI tools such as Salesforce to automatically adjust marketing and sales activities based on such information. Thus, these AI-based CRMs maximise lead generation and help us obtain valuable marketing information.

Recommending Appropriate Products To Customers

When we usually visit any ecommerce website such as Amazon or Flipkart, we tend to browse a lot of items. Have you ever noticed that the next time when you visit the same website, it recommends you related products to your browsing history? It is not possible for a human to sit through every consumer’s browsing history and cart details to recommend such related products. It is possible due to AI technology which help them understand your tastes and preferences. Using this AI tool on your website or mobile app will help in better customer engagement and improved user experience.

Artificial Intelligence has already made a deep penetration into the modern IT sector and the results are very promising. It is the beginning of a new revolution that might change the face of this sector as we know it. So if you are looking to streamline your business operations with a website or mobile app development ideas then you should consider incorporating Artificial Intelligence into it as well.



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