#InternetWorld2015 Munich, Germany – first day first show!

“The Future of E-Commerce“– the underlying theme of #InternetWorld2015 Munich, Germany is an interesting place to be. On the first day, we took part in several interactive seminars where we discussed about the popular topics of the event. Multi- channel, Mobile Marketing & Social Commerce, Logistics & Process Management, Customer Experience, Online Marketing, Conversion Optimization and Payment – were some of the popular topics. We met the other players of the IT field and it was a healthy exchange of information and introduction. We have got many interesting and lucrative responses from our clients on the first day of our participation only.

Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd, is a strong believer of networking and we consider that for any company to grow it is essential that one encourages a healthy exchange of information and debate so that together we can contribute to the field of Information Technology. A single small step when taken with confidence and belief can mark the beginning of a long term success. And the #InternetWorld2015 Munich, Germany is one of the steps.

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