Techtalk, Google Vs Microsoft Bing; the search war begins!

“Decision Engine”, as they prefer to call it, Microsoft has finally hit its search engine, Bing, with a bang. Microsoft’s Bing laced with its design, navigators and technology is typically conceived to offer answers to your problems, while not just indexing everything on the web.

With a massive advertisement on twitter and facebook, Bing to some extent is giving google a tough competition of stealing its ball. However, will it be really wise to boil down that the leader Google INC which has actually kept 60 percent of the search market in its own pocket can really face competition from the nascent bing! Well indeed a mind-boggling issue!
Whether it’s for the design or for the technology, or whether just for the marketing strategy, the fact is Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing is gaining the market share. But still the catch line remains,  “Will it last”!

Lets take a sneak peak what’s there in the Bing!

  • The first thing to note about Bing and Google is that their search results are essentially the identical twins. But Microsoft is smart enough to take its search engine to the beauty classes and the result is a lot smarter and appealing search engine.
  • The Bing homepage changes everyday to feature a prominent full-window photo equipped with roll over icons, offering information about the place featured.
  • When you enter the search engine, click on to the right side of the results to see a “pop-up balloon” which offers you a preview of the page you are about to visit.
  • The well-designed left panel to the left of the search results suggests further specific searches. The left column provides also provides commonsense sub-topics to make your search rather comprehensive.

Changing search engines with just few clicks is no big deal but the success only comes when the browsers assures the search engine with the continued use whilst making it their default setting. Although it’s too early to predict whether Bing can really give google a tough competition yet the early numbers of Internet tourists stopping and taking a quick look of the Bing, are indeed encouraging.

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