Karmick’s Annual Picnic – 2014 – A day to Savour!

This 18th January, 2014, Karmickites celebrated their Annual Picnic organized by the Company. Diamond Village in Diamond Harbor was booked by the company as the picnic spot. A beautiful spot with the River Ganges nearby, the venue was the main limelight. Everybody had assembled in front of the office premises by 8 am in the morning and reached Diamond Village around 11am. Our company had organized a luxury bus for the entire journey. Throughout the journey everyone danced and partied and even gorged on snacks till we reached the venue.

On reaching the venue, the Karmickites were served with Kachori and Alur Dum. And then everyone got busy with the different events planned for the day. There was a wide variety of events that comprised of hit the wicket, penalty shot, musical chair, badminton, cricket and antakshari. The events were planned in such a way that some of them were played out before lunch. Antakshari was slotted as the last event that everyone participated in after lunch. In between the events, the Karmickites were served with chicken pakoda and coffee. A prize distribution ceremony was also organized where the winners were awarded with different prizes.

Can any picnic be complete without its lip smacking variety of yummy-licious foods? No!!! Well there was a wide array of food items like rice, dal, potato fry, salad, fish and mutton. To sum up our lunch there were arrangements for chutney and pappad as well.

After antakshari some hot coffee was served in the evening and again all of us boarded the bus for their journey back home. Karmickites are always full of energy and that was evident during the journey as everybody danced and jived themselves till the last minute. Finally, at around 8:30 pm we reached our office. Although everyone was quite tired yet, they were happy as well.

All in all it was an exciting and interesting day that ended too soon. But not to worry, the next picnic will be there all too soon.



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