Liferay- The Open Source Web Development Platform

In the recent era, Liferay has proved itself as one of the most sought after open source web development platform to offer an edge to your online presence. Its matchless reliability, cost effectiveness and most importantly for its capability to support the innovative development of Internet based application, Liferay is indeed the most trustworthy web development platform to bank upon.

In today’s Internet marketing era where websites are thought to be the platform to illustrates your online presence in the most eloquent way, Liferay portal is increasingly being used all across the globe to meet the most challenging of the IT requirements.

Liferay, the only open source portal is compatible with any kind of database server, application server and operating system. Liferay also ideally supports  many different servlet containers.
Liferay Portal comes in two flavors viz, Professional and Enterprise editions to cater to the varied IT requirements.
•    While the Liferay Portal Enterprise edition is based on Java Enterprise Beans, the Liferay Professional version is ideally based on POJO and uses Spring framework.

•    A complete J2EE application server is required by the Liferay Portal Enterprise to run, however the Liferay Professional can run on any simple servlet container.

•    Being the most stable version of the product the Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) supports companies in maintaining the stable version of the product for longer time frame.

The high-end functionality, compatibity and scalability of the Liferay open source platform supports in consolidating, organizing and accessing all the data and application via a single point of access.

Learn more about some of the noticeable benefits of the Liferay portal
•    Liferay offers out-of-the-box tools providing more than 60 portlets
•    Liferay CMS and Liferay Collaboration provide content management, web publishing, collaboration and social networking options.
•    The portal is based on SOA strategy which supports in the enterprise  application and integration of the existing systems
•    The Liferay portal offers drag & drop feature which further allows users to move different elements around in the portal.
•    The Liferay portal support for 22 languages

With its state of the art technology the Liferay Portal is benchmarked among the most secure portal platforms

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