Magento, eCommerce solution ensuring flexibility and freedom!

With the tremendous growth of eCommerce, a low cost, yet flexible platform was much needed and Magento commerce with its state of the art design has offered that much-awaited freedom in the field of e commerce platforms. Magento is the feature rich ecommerce store, which enables you to run a classy online shop whilst assuring you the confidence of an off-the-shelf product.

Magento e commerce is one of the award winning, open source eCommerce software program, ideally formulated by Verian. In the arena of eCommerce platforms Magento has already carved a niche for itself, while standing above the rest. Magento offers flexible solution, which is indeed the apt solution for your growing needs.

With its surface somewhat replicating a cart, Magento is more than a mere shopping cart. Magento starts looking different once you choose to dig beneath its surface. It is indeed the much-expected real enterprise application to make e commerce a global phenomenon.

But what is there in Magento? Well let’s take a sneak peak what is there in the Magento!

State of the art theme support: Skins in a web application are more than being mere applications. Magento’s themeing engine has proved that yet once again. Mangneto’s theme supports for theme over rides while defining templates to use it level, priority or category wise.

Sophisticated Cacheing: Although Magento looks like the twin of other shopping carts yet its skin-deep sophisticated cacheing technique makes it the most sought after platform to bank upon. The sophisticated, controllable, granular cacheing is indeed the result of an out of the box thought process.

Built in data integration features: Integrating with external data sources was never so easy before. Magento has supported in getting data in, or out, or both with its advanced built in data integration feature.

Multiple levels of shops: Supporting multiple shops in one install can only be possible with Magento. Whether supporting the independent shop fronts or to support the multiple shop fronts with a shared check out, Magento is famed to be the most trustworthy platform.

If you are looking for a professional level eCommerce store then your search ends with the unveiling of Magento, eCommerce solution, where technology has ideally unified freedom and flexibility to offer you more than what you expect.

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