Open Source Scripts – Cost-Cut and More

Open Source Scripts are basically free applications issued under specific licensing terms. Here the core coding is viewable and customized so as to allow the user to edit it as per his requirements. Covering a vast domain from enterprise to ecommerce, open source scripts have some very prominent advantages, which have been discussed below:

1.    Cost-free Core software

You can rest assured that your initial capital outlay can be reduced to a large extent with use of Open Source scripts. Generally these scripts are based on PHP and are operable on Linux server.  Notably, Linux hosting has become significantly cheap in recent times. If you are not willing to expend on commercial solutions, you can go for LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP). Some of the recognized scripts include PHPBB, Joomla, and WordPress. Good news is that these packaged scripts are cost-free.

These scripts can be tailored as per your requirement. This option of not having to appoint a programmer for certain modifications excuses further expenditure. Apply ‘Do It Yourself’ concept and you find you are learning and implementing fast without spending a single buck.

2.    Encouragement act

While employing ‘Do It Yourself’ concept, you are open to go beyond the user interface, to examine the code to seek to understand its function as well as make minor edits. Thus, Open Source scripts encourages you hands on. After all, it is all not that bad to look into some of the trickery that is carried on in the software you employ to your site.

3.    Not confined to a single vendor

Use of commercial applications results in vendor lock-in. This gets expensive whereas Open Source allows portability, cost-effectivenss and the ability to customize software to meet specific needs.

4.    Easy scalability

Open source software services can scale significantly. Manifold options for clustering, load balancing and open source apps, such as email and database allow businesses the capacity to expand for further growth.

5.    Communities as resources

Several communities of programmers are involved in certain Open Source software projects. This allows invaluable troubleshooting related discussions and conversations resulting in further enhancements.

These various advantages of Open Source Scripts have made it a much used and widely advocated usage throughout the world.

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