Steps towards Data Warehouse

How about making your data warehouse a roaring success? It is quite simply possible through careful and thorough planning of the process.

Voted as the most complicated and resource intensive software venture by the who’s who of Fortune 1000 companies, data warehousing comes easy with calculated planning. Available in various shapes and sizes that directly reciprocate to the time and cost involved, data warehousing needs to be approached in various steps as per requirement. Listed below are some of the basic pointers towards a successful data warehouse:

1. Seek Good Professional Advice

Before you start out, it is best suggested to go for good professional advice. This will save you from recurring meeting hours and reduce the threat of an abandoned ware housing.

2.  Sketch out the Data

Identify the metrics you would like to assess in the Data Warehouse and make sure that suitable data is available to accommodate for the analysis. If you looking towards obtaining intermittent Key Performance Index (KPI) data for the purpose of shipping logistics, ensure that the correct data is entered into the data warehouse.

3. Who are the Data Warehouse consumers

Corporate and financial managers comprise the consumer’s territory of power data warehouse. Data warehouses clearly indicate as to how the business is progressing. You need to chalk out the possible consumers for the data warehouse in the concerned enterprise. Their appropriate business reports should ideally be in an understandable format. Make sure to conduct planning exercises well in advance to identify the situations on which the data warehouse will be employed. It is important that the data is presented in an attractive way and in a format comfortably accessible to business managers.

4. Incorporation to Peripheral Apps

Most data warehousing ventures rise or fall depending on their capacity to extract data from peripheral or external applications. The enterprises either develop a hatful of applications in house or acquire them from a vendor.

5. Technology Used

Data warehouse is a powerful database at the bits and bytes stage. It is constructed from one of the key vendors of Relational Database Management System (DBMS), like IBM, Oracle or Microsoft. With right support in place, data warehousing is also allowed by open source databases, such as, MySQL as well.

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