Progress of Information Technology

It is usually a bothersome task to make predictions from past statistics, but I surely won’t think twice when I say that Information Technology has been and will be on a continuous and guaranteed high for many many years to come. The vast and exponential rate of growth in IT might not have been as fast as reaching the stage of ‘Back to the Future’, but then, it surely has come a long way indeed, promising much more in future.

Ever since the first personal computer was put up for sale, the material, time, space and energy required to generate one unit of IT service has come down drastically. Ray Kurzweil, the modern day guru of digital utopians, believes by 2019 we will have found remedies for most of the critical and fatal diseases and by 2029, we will become demi-gods with minuscule computer chips implanted into our bodies rescuing us from the threats of aging, diseases and energy loss.

I don’t know if Kurzweil has gone over the top in saying all that, but there is, for sure, a perpetual demand for technology-driven business transformation, continuous innovation in the area of technology and technology-based services and products across all sectors. The upswing of Web 2.0 technologies-powered social computing and the constant formulation of novel technologies to create and expand networks are expected to shape the future of Information Technology on the whole. Not to forget the upsurge in green IT or environmental computing.

Hold it! Who says the future of IT is bleak due to the current fall in global economy? IT is very much here to stay and grow.

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