Stepping to a New Generation with Sixth Sense Technology

Let’s start our discussion on the hottest topic of the era, what can it be other than the “Sixth Sense Technology”, it is the newest jargon that has proclaimed its presence in the technical arena. Here is a synopsis on the basics of the new age technology. All of us are aware of the six senses and the dependance of human race on it. They include, eye, ear, nose, tongue mind and body.

Now a technology has emerged, which has its relation to the power of these six senses. Our ordinary computers will soon be able to sense the different feelings accumulated in the surroundings and it is all a gift of the”Sixth Sense Technology” newly introduced. An Indian PhD Student in the MIT Media Lab working in the Fluid Interfaces Group made the fascinating discovery. He is Pranav Mistry, the Sxth Sense Technology is his brainchild, and he is still on his way to give it a complete form.

So let us have some idea on Sixth Sense Technology. You can refer it as a mini projector having the ability to be projected on any surface. The device mainly carries information and has the ability to collect information from web. The most wonderful aspect about it is that, it can very well obey the gestures made by ones hand and offers you with the right set of info you are looking for in a lightning speed.

We can very well consider the Sixth Sense Technology as a blend of the computer and the cell phone. It works as the device associated to it is hanged around the neck of a person and thus the projection starts by means of the micro projector attached to the device. Therefore, in course, you turn out to be a moving computer in yourself and the fingers act like a mouse and a keyboard.

Now, let us have a look on the various functions of it. The device can really do wonders and several other functions are on the way to emerge in full fledge.

With Sixth Sense Technology, you can undertake ample activities, such as drawing or painting anything just by using your fingers. So, a mouse won’t be an essential requisite anymore.

Another great aspect is that, there is no need to carry a camera anymore. If you are going for a holiday, then from now on wards it will be easy to capture photos by using mere fingers. Finding a photo space also will not be a problem; any more as the Sixth Sense computer will ac t as a camera. It will not just capturethe picture but you can create a frame for it just by making a square with the finger. Thus, you will be able to highlight the photo you want to be framed. Isn’t that a magic in itself, No, it’s just a mesmerizing reality.

Calling a number also will not be a great task with the introduction of Sixth Sense Techbnology. No mobile device will be required, just type in the number with your palmacting as the virtual keypad. The keys will come up on the fingers. The fingers of the other hand will then be usedto key in the number and call.

You will also be able to check the brand of a product by using the technology. Therefore, with Sixth Sense finding the best brand while shopping in the supermarket will not be an issue any more.

Checking out the ratings of a book before you buy it will also be at your fingertips with Sixth Sense technology. You just need to touch the book and all the information on it will be provided to you from the Internet in few moments. It has also the ability to read the book for you.

The moving pictures in the newspaper from Harry Potter are no more a fantasy with Sixth Sense. The appropriate videos can be sorted out from the web any moment and can be set as captions in the newspaper.
You are in a taxi on your way to airport and panicked about getting late. Just check the flight status in the easiest possible way. Put the tickets in front of the projector and the status will be revealed instantly.

Hope, now you have the bare glimpse of what the Sixth Sense Technology is all about!

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