Top Educational App Ideas for Edutech Startups

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and one among these is how we learn and impart teaching. Most of the schools and colleges have already started online classes through various apps. Even coaching classes and private tutors are now looking for engaging and highly functional educational apps that can help them to get in touch with students in real-time. So, if you are an Edutech startup and planning to have an educational app that can meet the evolving demands, let’s have a look at the top educational app ideas.

On-Demand Tutor App

You must have already come across such apps that enable people to register themselves as personal tutors, and students can choose one from a list of tutors to contact them as per their convenience. These on-demand tutor apps are now in high demand as you know because of the social distancing practices; most of the students are not going to coaching classes. They prefer safe learning from home.

Performance Tracking App

While many colleges and schools are conducting online classes via video conferencing apps, they are struggling in tracking the performance of their students. There is tremendous demand for apps by which it is possible to track the attendance and performance of each of the students. Apps that could enable teachers or tutors to create and publish tests with multiple choice answers will also prove highly valuable.

QA App

Just like the Quora app that allows people to ask questions and post answers, developing a similar educational app will be lapped up by everyone. Such an app will surely help students in clearing their doubts.

Educational Games App

This is an app idea that you can surely try. An educational app with a variety of flashcards, quizzes, and games for every class will help the students to understand the concepts without getting bored.

Exam Preparation Apps

Web or mobile apps that enable students to prepare well for their exams by helping them in various ways are in much demand nowadays. So, you can think about developing an app that can facilitate students to color-code their upcoming exams or receive notifications on unfinished projects!

You can choose any app idea that you feel will be apt to meet the dynamic needs of students and teachers in the current scenario. Hire app developers from an IT company that has a proven track record of delivering engaging and highly-functional apps to a diverse clientele.



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