Who Should Use Magento?


Who Should Use Magento?


Nearly 1, 50,000 sites worldwide use Magento for their online business. You must have come across many people who have told you that if you want to make your businesses online presence felt then you should have a Magento based site. Well if truth be told, then they are absolutely right. In case you still have doubts then it is time that you take a firm decision and get a Magento eCommerce system for your business.

A feature rich e-commerce platform, it offers the traders complete control and flexibility over their online presence.  With Magento one is not limited to any predefined guidelines as to how their website design will look like, its navigation features as well as payment methods. The whole platform is highly flexible and can be customized as per one’s requirements. This platform is highly SEO friendly with built in customer management, Inventory management, analytics & reports features and order management. One can also build multi-lingual and multi-currency web stores.

Some of its benefits include:

  • You simply cannot think to business to generate profits without any kind of marketing, do you? Well it is here that magento will make all the difference required. And with their community edition, you can make use of this platform and that too without shelling out a single penny. This is extremely attractive especially for all those entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget.
  •  Another way of marketing your site is through the client testimonials. Magento provides a great platform for displaying the testimonials on any page that you want. One can easily display it as banners on top of the page. One also has the option of integrating images and videos as well.



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