Why To Choose Node JS For Your Next Web Application Project Development?

With well-known names such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber, and much more trusting Node.js for their powerful web applications, Node.js has become a go-to technology for several companies across the world. The JavaScript run-time environment is used not only for building the server-side but also for the client-side of web applications. So, if you are still in two minds about using the same for your next web application project, here are some convincing reasons to choose the same.

High Performance

It works on an I/O model, which is non-blocking. This makes the open-source run-time environment apt for faster execution of code and developing applications that are data-intensive or will work on multiple devices like instant messaging apps, online gaming apps, and so on. Also, the fact that Node.js is using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine guarantees high performance.

Decreases Time-To-Market

The NPM or the default Node Package Manager of Node.js has over 60,000 reusable components that make it easy to develop robust and scalable web applications. Node.js also allows the developers to use a single code base for both the server and client-side, which significantly reduces the apps time-to-market.

Unmatched Scalability

By using the Node.js, it is incredibly easy to scale a web application both vertically and horizontally. While new nodes can be added to scale the app horizontally, additional resources can be added to scale the app vertically. Thus, it offers a highly scalable environment for web application development.

Less Development Cost

With Node.js, there is no need for continually switching from back-end to the front-end side and vice versa because of sharing the same language. Now, isn’t this means that you need to employ a fewer number of developers for your next project? Instead of hiring both front-end and back-end developers, you can hire a few full-stack developers for your next project.

Huge Community Support

Do you know that according to the insights of the Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2018, 66.4% of developers prefer Node.js? Yes, Node.js enjoys the support of a vast open-source community that keeps on adding new modules continually. This ultimately helps in adding new functionalities.

So, harness the potential of Node.js and choose it for your next web application development project. Get in touch with a trusted IT company which is into Node.js development services and hire node.js developer for your web application project development.



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