Advantages of Open Source Web Applications

Open Source’ is a term used to describe something, for instance a software, which is produced all over the world and then made accessible to public for free of cost. The Open Source projects comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from Blogs to Content Management Systems like ‘WordPress’ and eCommerce platforms such as ‘Magneto’. Open Source applications are used to create professional websites maintaining high industry standards.

Building up a website on an Open Source web development applications can give the developer and the client the following advantages:

Pre-Built system framework

This serves as a platform for the developer to plunge into real world development functions. Hence the developer gets a feel of the process and his abilities to meet deadlines enhance.

Reduces Client’s Expenses

Starting up with an Open Source web development programme generally cuts down the time that’s required for developing a complete website.


With the increasing access to Internet, Open Source web applications have been on rise. Almost everyone is trying to get a virtual presence. This has triggered the website design and development firms to become more familiar with platforms like Magento and WordPress.

In Built Features

Potent and established web applications come up with several in built features, which can be taken benefit of if the client wishes.

SEO Friendly

Open Source projects have embraced SEO over the years allowing the developers to generate search engine friendly sites.

In conclusion, with Open Source web applications you can produce high standard dynamic, modern and SEO friendly websites at a reasonable price.

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