Dedicated Hiring: a consecrated service to fetch you profit

With the growth and development of the concept of outsourcing, dedicated hiring service is quite a buzzword now.

Dedicated hiring offers a consecrated service of a professional or a group of professionals as per your requirement. When it comes to the IT outsourcing, dedicated hiring service signifies, engaging professional programmer, web marketing executive, project manager, web designer or content managers who works as per your requirement while sitting at your service provider’s office. Dedicated hiring ensures a fast, controlled and cost effective way of project completion.  If you are therefore serious in enhancing your web business, opting for the dedicated hiring service would be indeed helpful.
The dedicated resource, which you hire, works as per your requisite just like your extended offsite employee. All you need to do is to pay a fixed remuneration to your service provider for hiring his talent on a dedicated basis and your service providers takes care of the rest.

Depending upon your requirements dedicated hiring can vary from supplement staffing, part time dedicated hiring and hourly dedicated hiring.

Supplement Staffing service
In case of supplement staffing you can hire your service provider’s resource at a fixed monthly cost and treat them as your own extended employees. The outsourcer wholly manages the resource. Supplement staffing ensures maximum efficiency, cost saving and control over the operation.

Part-time dedicated hiring service
The part time dedicated hiring service is almost similar to the full time dedicated hiring. However in this case the resource allocated for 80 hours in a month instead of the 160 hours in a month.

Hourly dedicated hiring service
This is somewhat a “pay-as-you-go” model in which you need to pay on hourly basis for the resource.

The benefits of dedicated hiring service are also manifold.

  • Dedicated hiring service is always less costly for you and is indeed one of the best ways for maintaining the quality of the work.
  • In dedicated hiring you can provide the specifications for your project the way you want. Since you have a team of resource on dedicated hiring you can instruct them according to your time preference. It is indeed not mandatory to give all the specifications right at the beginning. You can schedule it according to your will and need.
  • In dedicated hiring service you are free to ask for changes whenever you want. Usually for the assignment-based projects your service provider quotes only for the services you have mentioned.
  • In dedicated hiring service, generally the outsourcers have ability to mitigate the early risk. As the contract negotiations are rather straightforward, so managing the project successfully becomes lot easier.

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