Know The Must-Have Features Of A Personal Shopping Assistant App

After a busy day at work, Susan finally arrived home all exhausted. She is too tired to enjoy a meal. However, she has to drive to the nearest retail store. A friend’s wedding is on the cards, and her wardrobe has not a single party wear dress.

If she was wealthy, she could have hired a personal assistant to get help in choosing the best outfit, but such is life dearies. Luckily, people like Susan with no time or energy left for shopping can make the most of technology. Those with styling dilemmas can also take the help of technology to end their woes!

You can easily find several personal shopping assistant apps on the play store. Yes, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), these apps can perform various tasks like a personal shopping assistant. Some of these are keeping a track of your shopping history, order processing, product recommendations based on your likes and fashion trends, and so on.

So, are you interested to know about the must-have features of these apps? Let’s explore.

Must-have features of a personal shopping assistant app

Personalized product recommendation

The feature helps the app to recommend personalized products by having a watchful eye on your shopping behavior and purchasing history. If you are in search of some new clothes, the app will also analyze the current fashion trends to quickly offer you the best recommendations!

Best price comparison

Whether you are getting the best deal or getting ripped off becomes crystal clear with the price comparison feature. It eliminates all the guesswork because you can shop without exceeding your budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites with such a feature.

Image recognition

A strong alternative to text search, the feature helps you to easily discover the items or similar items that you have seen somewhere in an image.

Speech recognition

The feature lets you communicate with the chatbot of the personal shopping assistant app in simple human language. The chatbot will then comprehend your request and perform the necessary action.

Tracking shopping history

Keeping a track of your past purchases and the products that you are checking out online is a universal feature in all personal shopping assistant apps.

Quick favorite/wish list

You may have loved an item. However, it does not mean that you will buy it right away. You may be waiting for your paycheck. The quick favorite button or wish list feature facilitates you to quickly add such kinds of items in a dedicated place within your app.

Push notification

When an item added in your favorite or wish list is available on sale at a discounted price, the push notification feature is the one that informs you about the same so that you can make the most of the attractive deal.

Apart from all the above features, easy checkout and a visually-appealing UI are the other must-have features of a personal shopping assistant app.

In the modern world where time is a prized possession and shopping temptations are endless, investing in a personal shopping assistant app is one of the best things that a business can do to build trust and customer loyalty.



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