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Karmick Solutions Pvt.Ltd has established itself as a leading software development company. It will soon launch their new IT products in the 12th high tech edition of INDIASOFT2012. MLM2 Gain is the product that will be introduced in the market. It is a ‘Multilevel Marketing Software’ that is going to help businesses to expand on a larger scale.

MLM or multi-level marketing is an advertising policy where sales force is remunerated not only for the sales they individually generate, but also for those sales of others they employ. This is done by building a down-line of allocators and a hierarchy of numerous levels of reward. Keeping in mind the MLM issues, our MLM2Gain was developed to provide a comprehensive solution. It would help your organization to gain the assurance of the new associates. Our software helps you to incorporate any multi-level marketing plan as per your requirement.

Salient features of MLM2Gain

  • It is entirely web based and there is no need of any installation on machine
  • User friendly and reliable
  • Has the ability to accommodate several associates
  • Quick and fast customization available
  • First-rate reporting scheme for admin

All these points itself describe the reliability and user-friendly characteristics of the software. We guarantee you the best utilization of the software for your business. No matter, how complicated and painstaking your business sale is, our software is sure to find you the best solution. In order to learn about the availability and the other detailed information about the software, you can directly contact us. If you are interested in viewing the demo then attend the grand event of INDIASOFT at HYDERABAD INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE, INDIA from 21st – 23rd March, 2012. This year’s event will be more interesting and exciting, so better not miss it.

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