9 Reasons Why Laravel Framework Is Ideal For Web Development

9 Reasons Why Laravel Framework Is Ideal For Web Development

If you are an owner of a business or someone who is looking for the best idea to develop a web application or website, you are at the right place! After all, you have to choose the best framework for web development, and here, in this blog, you will get the top 9 reasons for using the Laravel framework. Yes, the Laravel framework is ideal for web development, but how? Let’s have a look.

Developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, the open-source PHP framework has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. With Laravel 8 released in September 2020, it makes more sense to explore its attractive features, which is making it appealing to web developers across the world.

High-Security Standards

Be it a web app, website, or CRM, Laravel ensures high security with its built-in security features. Its robust authentication system allows you to authenticate users for every request they make and to retrieve back them back from the database whenever required. Laravel has ample provisions to reduce any instances of Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), and SQL injections. Laravel also has a vast community of developers who are consistently working on releasing security patches.

MVC ( Model-View-Controller)Support

When you are using Laravel for web development, you are getting MVC support that paves the way for a faster development process, creation of multiple views, easy integration with the JavaScript framework, and making changes in the Model without affecting the entire architecture. It also becomes easy to build web pages or web applications that are friendly to search engines, which is now necessary to give a consideration. The MVC support offered by Laravel also provides cost and time benefits.

Integration with Mail Services

Today, it is tough to imagine a web app that does not have an email notification feature. With Laravel, you can build apps that can enable your users to receive not only email notifications upon a successful registration but also attractive promotional offers and important announcements. The same happens because the PHP framework offers easy integration with mail services with its SwiftMailer library and drivers for Mandrill, SparkPost, SMTP, Mailgun, and so on.

URL Routing Configuration

It is a known fact that URL routing is critical for the success of any web application and Laravel offers excellent URL routing configuration! Developers use only the name of the particular router while creating the links after which, the request URL will be inserted by the system automatically. Moreover, if the developer changes the route himself, that change is made automatically. It also means that there will be fewer instances of blank URL redirection, improved user experience, and quicker development.

Perfect Documentation

Web developers always look for frameworks that are easy to use to cut the development time, and Laravel scores some brownie points in this regard. Each version of the framework gets released with detailed documentation and easy-to-comprehend description, which makes it attractive among the developer community.

Faster Load Time

The framework compiles the most used files and classes into a single file, and thus, the application load time gets reduced drastically. Faster load time has always been a selling point as it can retain the app users and can increase the revenue. Laravel vastly reduces the load time and proves beneficial in this regard.

The Eloquent ORM

Laravel offers a built-in ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) implementation, which is perhaps the best! It enables the developers to work with their database objects and relationships between the same with an expressive syntax.

Configuration Error and Exception Handling

Whenever a user is filling a data entry form in a web app, and something goes wrong, the common perception is that there must be some problem in the application. However, it is possible to avoid this unpleasant experience by delivering a proper and informative error message to the user. Laravel framework ensures the same with its excellent configuration error and exception handling.

Automation of Testing Work

For any software, testing is significant to make sure the end product is devoid of any bugs or errors. Laravel offers automation testing, which makes the process less time-consuming. Thus, it provides a boon for developers when deadlines are sacrosanct or whenever there is less budget.

Today, many developers are using the Laravel framework for IT projects across the world. The Laravel PHP framework is excellent for web development which demands a mix of creativity and logic. Still, if you are not sure about the framework, please free to contact a web development company. Karmick Solutions based in Kolkata is one such company that has years of experience in building apps and websites with its skilled Laravel developers. Hire laravel developer from us and get your next website or web app build by us from scratch. We are ready to help you always regarding any of your queries about web development.



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