Basics of iPhone application development

iPhone is a latest craze among the gadget freaks. Once you start using an iPhone you just cant live without it. As soon as you master the art of handling it, and the wow factor finishes, you will start finding faults with the technology.  This is human nature. And this is where the software updates come into the picture. Though you can improve the performance of your hi -tech iPhone by installing new updates, but it might not fetch you the desired results.

Here is good news for all iPhone devotees. Apple has launched the amazing iPhone 3g series, which is stuffed with 100 new features. Life gets cool with an Apple iPhone 3G in hand. The Apple 3GS is regarded to be the fastest iPhone.  Experts believe that every application on this new gadget is two times faster. A quick glimpse at the unique features of the iPhone 3GS is sure to impress you.

  • The new generation iPhones are equipped with cut and paste option. Finally now the iPhone users can cut, copy or paste images or text from anywhere. You can even copy web content and photos. Just shake your iPhone if you make any mistake while copying or pasting.
  • The 3-megapixel cameras, excellent video recording facilities, the compass showing directions and the landscape keyboard make the new generation iPhones user friendly and easy to operate.

It would be very unfair to compare Apple iPhones with other hi tech mobiles. The application development costs of other phones are pretty expensive. The device porting itself will require a huge investment. But the case is very different with iPhones. One can easily customize the iPhone applications without many hassles. SDK and some essential hardware are the basic requirements for customizing iPhones applications. Details about some of the software and hardware requirements for open iPhone development platform will help you in customizing your iPhone.

A Mac Computer is the most vital hardware needed for iPhone application development. An ” Intel based Mach machine” of an Apple X operating system is compulsory for application development in iPhones. The newly launched dual core Mac will provide excellent speed. The x code and the interface builder run smoothly in dual core machines. Make sure that your PC possess a 2GB RAM so that the development is done at a good speed.

Cocoa Frameworks are another must for iPhone application development. Cocoa is commonly known as a framework collection, which offers an ideal environment for development of iPhone applications. Cocoa frameworks are written in objective – C and provide you with a facility to add outstanding features to the application. The frameworks are reachable only to programs written in objective- C.  Cocoa frameworks consist of application and foundation kit, which has controls like buttons, windows, text fields and menus.

An iPhone simulator is also an essential for developing iPhone applications. This comes along with SDK and is regarded as an excellent simulation environment for testing the applications.

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