Content writing: the art of writing uniquely

“The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think”

Indeed true. It’s all about writing and writing effectively, while saying the old words in a whole new way. Content writing for your website is therefore an innovative way of generating the content for a specific page while keeping in mind the generic and specific need of the website.

However, the content writers often face challenge while starting with a completely blank page. How innovative should the writing be? How well knit the article would be? All these and other million questions tease one out of thought. Hence the most difficult approach in writing a whole new page is by starting with a completely blank page. This forces you to pull all of your creative ideas while featuring all your innovativeness in order to make the content stand apart. The idea is to generate an innovative content and while for some it is an easy task, others often find it difficult to start from the scratch

Ponder on the following tips for writing a plagiarism free, unique content

Consult the resources- be inspired

Content writing is a process and a well designed and well-informed content is indeed an important element to beef up your website. It is indeed difficult to know almost anything and everything, whatever you try to write for the web page and it can happen that you might have to write on something, which you have never studied. Writing from scratch for such a subject line, while making the content innovative, demands attention. The best thing to do is to first research on the subject. Be it the online portals or a trip to the local library you need to take inspiration from the resources available to make your content stand out.

Explore your resources

Respect the integrity of original work and try to be as original as possible while writing. You can indeed take inspiration from other’s works however being innovative actually costs nothing, instead pays you while making the content rich and plagiarism free. The best way to come up with an innovative and unique content is by visiting a number of pages, book marking those pages, researching further and then coming up with your own content. Use your resources as a knowledge base and explore further to make your content unique.

Near duplicate content, a strict NO NO

If you really want to make the web page rank high in all the major search engines then duplicate content is a strict No No. The reality remains that major search engine like google is very much finicky about duplicate content and even near duplicate content ad if your content is not original then google wont be interested to display it even.
Finally, think original to be original and to make your content a piece of art

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