Make your site “sticky” with the right words

A neatly designed website with every image on its place but without adequate scannable content! Well, sounds even unimaginable. Content is indeed that must element of your website, which makes your site ‘sticky’. Browser actually finds no reason to stay in there if there is nothing to read in the website.

Imagine a situation, where you have perfectly designed your site without adequate content to illustrate your view and vision. Do you really think that browser will stick to your website? Well, let us face this- the answer would be a  resounding ‘NO’.

Adequate content is indeed the key factor to make your site climb high while fetching you profit. “I am not Milton, how will I give life to my words!”, I am not Shakespeare how will I allure reader with the right words!” perhaps these and a million question tease you out of thought as you think about writing good content to pull more traffic. However, writing a user-friendly good content is much easier than being Shakespeare or Milton.

Ponder on the following tips to make your website ‘sticky’ with the right words:

Write about what people really wants to know: This is the cyber media and is indeed not a platform to showcase your likings and disliking. Be objective and think about what the readers want to read.  Write about things which people would be really interested to read and above all read yourself. Write something that you would read yourself. Remember, in the Internet people really do not have much time to read but they scan a write up. Grab their attention in the first few sentences and once you succeed in that, you are done!

Research, explore and study: Try to walk a few extra miles to give your readers something extra as they browse your website. Make your content stand apart with the correct facts and with the right kind of illustrations. Research and explore your resources to write about the unuttered facts. Precisely, if you need facts, dig for them. Leave no stone unturned to get the correct facts. Once you get the facts the rest fall into place easily.

Be original – Do not copy and paste and try to be as innovative and original as possible. Take inspiration from your resources but never make your write up a replica of the resource. Readers love to read something new so give them that. If only you can give your hundred percent to your target audience, you can expect them to stick to your site. In a word, there is no shortcut to writing good content. What it needs is your creativity and most importantly the flair for writing.
Finally, research your readership and study your potential readership to offer customized content to befit their need while making them ‘stick’ to your site.

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