Tips to Go green At Work

It is no longer a new concept to go green across all the premises where we tread – be it home or office. From playhouses to pubs, the motto is to cut overuse of energy, water, fuel and waste. From a bigger perspective, it is the nuisance of global warming that has driven this ‘go green’ revolution all over the world and, the workspace, where we probably spend the biggest chunks of our time in today’s busy schedule, needs possibly the greatest attention.

Be it an employee or the employer – anyone would vote for a healthier and relatively more productive workstation with lighter ecological footprint. Far from hiring an MBA or an architect, you can use your own intelligence, creativity, common sense and our valuable tips to run the green machine across the floors:

Optimize energy settings

Set the energy settings of computers and other devices right. It is absolutely must to shut down your computers before leaving for the day as standby mode absorbs power while not in use. Keep the scanners, printers and other peripherals unplugged when they are not needed.

Go digital

Consuming paper means devouring huge amounts of mashed tree pulp, which gets flung into the recycle bin after one or two usages. To avoid such heinous crime of wasting plant pulp when green environment is THE DESIRABLE thing around, try to digitalize all your work in every term. Go for onscreen document review, files on computers emails, instead of paperwork.

Buy the right printer paper

Buy recycled printer paper with the least of chlorine bleaching and a high percentage of post-consumer content. Go for printers and photocopiers, which enable double-sided printing. Reuse package boxes and make use of torn waste paper as packing material.

Make the commute green

Options like carpooling, public transit, walking, or biking, can ease down the strain of traffic gas emission to a certain extent.

Green dress code

Try to pick clothes made with recycled fabric and materials while you buy new ones. Avoid clothes that require dry cleaning, and even if they need it, go for your local “green” dry cleaner.

Use Green Materials

Try to use recycled paper and envelopes, pen and pencils, refillable pens, biodegradable soaps and toilet paper, that have been colored and processed in eco-friendly methods. Also use furniture constructed from recycled materials, incandescent bulbs consuming the least energy and make sure to have good ventilation all throughout.

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